So Choux macarons are available in an array of colours and flavours. So Choux invites you to

    celebrate your sweet tooth with style.


    Truly colourful, every macaron looks like a surprise. Tasty and delicate, each macaron is like an explosion of flavours.


    So Choux macarons are made out of almonds, egg whites and sugar, they are gluten-free.
    Best kept in the fridge up to 4-5 days and should be consumed at room temperature.


    White chocolate Cacao BARRY Ivoire couverture flavoured with Madagascan vanilla pods and vanilla extract.


    A subtil vanilla woody and floral.


    Chocolate ganache Valrhona extra bitter 61% and dark cocoa powder.


    A succulent chocolate strong and delicate.


    Food colouring E102-E129


    White chocolate Cacao BARRY Ivoire couverture filling, arabica coffee and coffee extract.


    A real coffee powerful and intense.


    Food colouring E102-E122-E132

    Caramel salted butter

    Made with sugar, whipping cream and salted butter from Guerande in France.


    A generous caramel meltingly soft.


    Food colouring E102-E122-E132


    White chocolate Cacao BARRY Ivoire couverture with a delicate pistachio cream and almond extract. Pistachio shards all around the macaron.


    An irresistible and crunchy pistachio.


    Food colouring E102-E132


    Lemon curd made with unwaxed lemon juice and zest and yellow glittering on the shell.


    A deliciously tangy and gourmand lemon.


    Food colouring E102


    White chocolate Cacao BARRY Ivoire couverture mixed with fresh raspberry and raspberry extract.


    A sweet colourful and fruity raspberry.


    Food colouring E122


    White chocolate Cacao BARRY Ivoire couverture flavoured with violet essence. Blackcurrant on the top of the filling and a violet petal crystallized on the shell.


    A floral and elegant violet.


    Food colouring E122-E132

    Bespoke Orders


    Speculoos, Lavender, Praliné, Rose, Orange Blossom …
    and bespoke macaron of your favourite flavour and colour.

    Special orders are available with a lead time of 7 working days, please note that there is a minimum order of 40 bespoke macarons.

    Get in touch for a quote.





    Macaron is a delicacy pastry made out of almonds, egg whites and sugar. Most of the filling is made with chocolate ganache, natural fruits and essences.
    Allergy warning: Gluten Free, contain dairy and nuts.
    Keep your So Choux macarons in a cool place and enjoy them within maximum 5 days after receiving.

    As all the macarons are handmade, shape, height and colour may vary.